Lecturer in Food Business

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Job description

Your challenge:
Sustainability, transparency and customization characterize the trends marking the current global food industry. Besides the influence of Covid-19, these trends are shaking up the landscape of companies and innovation. Food companies are finding success in their ability to be creative and agile in meeting consumers’ high demands for transparency, innovative products and commitment to values such as sustainability and health. All of these trends point to an empowered and connected global consumer who is demanding more authenticity and story, varied alternatives, and a stake in sustainability and make the world a better place.

You have the ambition to stay up to date with the field and convey your passion for these developments, trends and innovations in the food industry to students, both in a professional and teaching capacity. You have an entrepreneurial, research-minded and innovative mindset and endorse the importance of good education. To students, you are a source of inspiration and a role model; to colleagues, a valued team player, bringing positive energy and contributing to the education of the future generation managers in the food industry.

We are looking for enthusiastic colleagues able to:

  • Provide education in the HMSM curriculum about food business in all its facets with a focus in the track Foodservice.
  • Guide and coach students in project groups about the food business, with a focus on concept & business development, innovation, marketing and market-research.
  • Supervise and visit interns, possibly abroad.
  • Contribute to the further development of the programme in education and research in the fields of expertise, as mentioned earlier.
  • Contribute to the further development of the digitization of the programme.
  • Maintain and further develop our network within the (international) food industry.
  • Upholding the quality of the curriculum and assessment programme.

Candidates are expected to have:

  • A master’s degree in a relevant academic field.
  • A solid experience in leading renowned food companies including experiences in the dynamics and complex playing fields that operate in the food supply chain (from farming and food production, packaging and distribution, to at home and out of home outlets). Both work experience in/with multi-nationals, start-ups and scale-ups.
  • An innovative and service-minded attitude and promoting a work environment that fosters creative thinking, co-creation and innovation.
  • Current and relevant network in the food business.
  • Experience in (market)research and conducting applied research.
  • Excellent teaching and coaching skills for bachelor learning and be familiar with current educational methods and techniques.
  • A recognised teaching certificate or willingness to attain one.
  • An affinity with developments in the digital world / blended learning.
  • An international background and be competent in both Dutch and English in order to teach at the level of a (near) native speaker.
  • Be a team player, able to inspire both students and colleagues.

Who are we?

Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM),
a subsidiary of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, is internationally viewed as one of the leading institutes in its field.

It offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts programme in both Dutch and English and a Master of Science in Facility & Real Estate Management which is organized in collaboration with international partners. A new Master “Leading in Hospitality Innovation” is currently being developed.

The bachelor course belongs to the domain of economic bachelor programmes in the Netherlands and is aimed at prospective managers and entrepreneurs in the international hospitality-industry, comprises a foundation programme of 2.5 years and a specialisation programme 0f 1.5 years offering three tracks: Hotel Management, Foodservice and Horizons in Hospitality.

The focus of the HMSM is
‘The next step in hospitality’.

The programme challenges and supports students to carry out this innovation in hospitality. Core values include individual responsibility and personal attention. Besides that, we strongly believe in passion, professionalism, initiative, openness and inspiration. Innovative entrepreneurship is one of the focal points of the education and research programme. The other focal points are ‘connecting’ gastronomy and the development of a ‘global mind set’.
Furthermore, the ambition for the coming years is to significantly increase HMSM’s international profile.

Terms of employment

What we offer:

We welcome you at HMSM, offering a challenging and innovative environment with great opportunities for you to explore and develop yourself further. Colleagues describe working at HMSM as it gives energy and it is rewarding to work with young and talented students; you get plenty of freedom and room for your entrepreneurship and the collaboration with the industry is very close.

An appointment for 0.6 – 1.0 FTE (to be negotiated) for the term of one year.

  • Should the candidate prove suitable and perform favourably, then the contract may be extended, provided operating circumstances remain unchanged.
  • The salary scale awarded depends on the candidate’s qualifications and experience and shall be set in accordance with the collective labour agreement (CAO) in the higher vocational education sector, within the career prospects of scale 11 or 12.
  • The terms of employment applicable include both 8% holiday pay and a fixed bonus equivalent to one month’s salary.
  • Our fringe benefits comprise excellent opportunities to further one’s professional career.

Interest and application

Further information is available either on our website: www.hotelschoolmaastricht.nl or from Mrs Josje van Dongen, Head of Innovation & Programme Specialisations at HMSM josje.vandongen@zuyd.nl or tel. +31 (0)6 4357 7391.

Interested candidates should apply for the position before November 7th by entering their personal details, accompanied by a letter of application and CV on this website.

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