LinkedIn for beginners in english | Online

This workshop is given by Richard van der Blom in english

Richard van der Blom

Richard has been giving LinkedIn trainings since 2009 and was with that the second Dutch entrepreneur who fully committed to LinkedIn.

At this point he has trained more than 25.000 people, has given more than 400 in-company trainings and he has written over 60 articles about LinkedIn.

Richard is a member of the European thinktank LinkedIn. He is an expert at helping people present themselves in an authentic and professional way.

What are the contents of this workshop?

  • The importance of LinkedIn in the job market
  • LinkedIn and your cv, similarities and differences
  • Your profile, what should be on it and what should you look out for
  • Where can you find vacancies and how to network using LinkedIn


This workshop will take place online, if you are having any trouble with anything, make sure to send an email to We would be happy to help you.

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okt 27 2021


09:30 - 11:30



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